What is At Par Cheque

At par cheque is a term used in the context of banking, it refers to those cheques which when are presented for payment there are no charges imposed by banks on such cheques. These types of cheques are quite helpful in case of intercity transfers, so for example if you are living in city X and you send At Par Cheque to your relative in city Y, then bank will not charge anything from your relative when he or she present that cheque for payment at the bank which is the case if the cheque is not an at par cheque.

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  • Sudha

    Can the relative who is in city Y deposit the par cheque in their bank which is different than the issued cheque bank? Say relative’s bank is HDFC and par cheque is from SBI?

    • Vinish Parikh

      There will be no charges even if the bank is different

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