Questions on Product Life Cycle

Let’s look at some multiple choice questions which are based on the concept of product life cycle –

Q 1 During which stage of product life cycle the customer develop a tendency of indifference to product

A) Growth

B) Maturity

C) Introduction

D) Decline

Correct answer is Option B

Q 2 Every product goes through each stage of product life cycle for

A) 1 years

B) 2 years

C) It is not fixed

D) 5 years

Correct answer is Option C

Q 3 In which stage does sales volume peak

A) Introduction

B) Growth

C) Maturity

D) Decline

Correct answer is Option C
Q 4 During which stages profits are lowest and highest

A) Growth and maturity

B) Introduction and growth

C) Introduction and decline

D) Decline and growth

Correct answer is Option B

Q 5 What is the correct pattern of stages of product life cycle

A) Introduction – Maturity – Growth – Decline

B) Introduction – Growth – Maturity – Decline

C) Introduction – Decline – Maturity – Growth

D) Introduction – Maturity – Growth – Decline

Correct answer is Option B

Q 6 Which Industry will have shorter product life cycle

A) Banking

B) Retail products

C) Technology

D) All will have same product life cycle

Correct answer is Option C

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