Advantages and Disadvantages of Project Management

What is Project Management In the case of families all important decisions are taken by the elders and they overlook all the major things, however sometimes youngsters are given responsibility for doing particular task or project, in the case of companies also top management overlook all major things but small projects are entrusted to middle-level [...]


Contribution Margin – Meaning, Formula and Example

Contribution Margin Meaning When an individual is burning 8000 calories per day and his or her intake of calories is 10000 calories than this extra 2000 calorie gets deposited as fat in the human body, in the case of companies similar process happens where the excess of sales over variable cost is deposited for fixed [...]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new form of currency which has come into existence only a few years back but it has managed to grab the attention of all types of people in the world whether its economist, speculators, investors, programmers, central banks and much more. Bitcoin is a virtual currency which is not regulated or controlled [...]


High Involvement Products Examples

High Involvement Products Meaning Individuals purchase thousands of products over his or her lifetime while some products are purchased over regular intervals of time while some products are purchased one or two times over the lifespan of an individual. Products which are purchased once or twice in a lifetime are called high involvement products because [...]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Network Marketing

Network marketing refers to that marketing in which marketing is done by individuals for companies through the network of individual and not through the network of the company. Hence in case of network marketing companies do not market their products through channels like television, newspaper, pamphlets and so on rather it is the individuals who [...]


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