Infosys Company Profile

Infosys is one of the largest software company in India having market capitalization close to 2.40 lakh crore in the year 2016, given below is the short summary or company profile of Infosys –

  1. Established Date and Year – 2nd July in the year 1981
  2. Employee Strength – Between 170000 to 200000
  3. Area of Operations – It operates in a wide range of areas by providing IT solutions to many industries such as banking, insurance, finance, logistics, manufacturing etc…, also it has its separate outsourcing department for various BPO and KPO related work.
  4. Face Value of Infosys – 5 rupees per share
  5. Headquarters –Bangalore, India
  6. Founder of Company – N. R. Narayana Murthy
  7. Competitors – TCS, Wipro, Oracle, HCL Tech, Satyam, Cognizant and many more.
  8. Company Website

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