ICICI Bank Company Profile

ICICI bank is one of the largest private sector banks in India having market capitalization close to 1.55 lakh crore in the year 2016. Given below is the short profile about ICICI bank

  1. Established Year – It was established in the year 1994
  2. Employee Strength – Between 70000 to 75000
  3. Area of Operations – Its main area of operation is retail and wholesale banking, however it is diversified into many other areas like insurance, investment banking, mutual funds, insurance, venture capital and so on.
  4. Face Value – 2 Rupees per share
  5. Headquarters – Mumbai
  6. Founder of the Company – It was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of industrial credit and investment corporation of India.
  7. Competitors – State bank of India, HDFC bank, Axis bank, Bank of Baroda, Punjab and national bank and so on
  8. Company Websiteicicibank.com
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