High Involvement Products Examples

High Involvement Products Meaning

Individuals purchase thousands of products over his or her lifetime while some products are purchased over regular intervals of time while some products are purchased one or two times over the lifespan of an individual. Products which are purchased once or twice in a lifetime are called high involvement products because these products are purchased after careful thought and research. High involvement products are featured by their high price as well their use which is of long term nature. Given below are some of the examples of high involvement products –

High Involvement Products Examples

  1. The first and foremost example of high involvement product is the car, the car is not purchased by everyone and when contemplates about purchasing a car than he or she will look several brands as well as variants of the same brand and compare their features and price and then will go for buying a car. In simple words, an individual will not buy car instantly unlike two wheelers which sometimes is bought instantly by the consumer which is not the case with purchasing decision of the car.
  2. Another example of high involvement product is flat or apartment, for some individuals buying a home means their lifetime savings going into the purchase of home and that is the reason why an individual will look at several locations in the city and also facilities available in the building apart from its price which is the main consideration before making a decision about purchasing a home.
  3. Gold and diamond jewelry is also an example of high involvement product because the price of these ornaments are high and consumers buy them on special occasions only hence they can also be terms as high involvement products.
  4. Laptops and computers are also high involvement product, although the price of the laptops and computers are not as high as the price of house or price of the car still these products are bought by the consumers after carefully researching about their features, specifications, and price.
  5. Furniture items like sofa, dining table, antique paintings and so on are also high involvement products as they too are expensive and are not purchased at regular intervals.


As one can see from the above that high involvement products are basically expensive products and also they are not purchased frequently and that is the reason why people think and research about these products and then decide whether to purchase these products or not.

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