Features of Time Management

There is an old proverb that time is money and in today’s world this proverb fits the bill perfectly as current generation always looks to use those things which save their time and hence it is important to learn time management if one wants to survive in this competitive world. Given below are some of the features of time management –

  1. One should be clear in his or her mind which tasks are important and need immediate attention and which tasks are less important and can be postponed to later date because majority of people make this mistake of doing things without any priority and hence end up wasting time on less important things.
  2. One should do the right thing at right time and hence timing is another feature of time management because if work is not done on right time then chances are that work which could have done in short span of time would take double the time. For example as a student if you are uncomfortable with algebra problems and if you clear your doubts while tutor is taking algebra classes then chances are you will understand it quickly rather than asking the same question 1 month after while tutor is taking trigonometric classes.
  3. Relaxing is another feature of time management which is overlooked by most of the people because everything does not require time management and some people tend to make this mistake of doing everything in accordance with time management. For example if 2 people are given 10 tasks to complete and one person try to do that 10 tasks at one go without any break and other person do the same 10 tasks by taking regular breaks then chances are that second person will do the tasks more effectively and efficiently because human mind is not like computer it needs rest in order to function properly.
  4. One should do those things which are important from the point of view of individual and not those things which are important from the point of view of others. CEO of a company going for vacation instead of attending meeting is a classic example where majority of people will see it as a waste of time but for a CEO who is tired from regular work it is a way of rejuvenating his or her mind which in turn leads to more productivity because a tired mind can never take the right decisions.
  5. One should never try to be perfectionist in the sense that work should be done in such a way that it remains effective but at the same time it should not lead to time wastage because of obsession of individual of doing it perfectly. For example when one go to shopping clothes some individuals tend to see each and every cloth in order to buy best for them while some people by just looking at one or two items judge that this shop does not has the right product for me and move to some other shop thereby saving lot of time for himself or herself and shopkeeper.

Above features are not exhaustive and many more can be added because each profession and individual has his or her ways of saving time when it comes to time management and hence time management is one thing which cannot be generalized.

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