Features of Business Communication

In this world majority of problems arise due to bad communication as there is huge difference between what people want to say and what other person think about that and when one is doing business or is involved in professional communication any wrong communication can lead to huge financial loss and therefore it is important to know about the various features of business communication which in turn will help in enhancing the effect of business communication –

  1. The first and foremost feature of business communication is that it should be well thought out and it requires lot of planning unlike informal communication which is instinctive in nature. In simple words it should be done by expert or experienced person as it is something which requires lot of thinking and patience on the part of person doing business communication.
  2. Another feature of business communication is that it should be free from any grammatical or fundamental error because even if it contains one mistake it can lead to complete miscommunication between the parties and which in turn can lead to huge losses for the business of the company.
  3. It should be brief and to the point rather than lengthy as in professional world people do not have time to read long letters or circulars which are filled with unnecessary information rather they are comfortable with short letters which convey the message quickly and clearly.
  4. It should be done by person who has authority as well as knowledge about the subject of business communication because if it is not done in that way then it loses its relevance. For example suppose in a bank computers stop working then who is the right person to communicate it to higher authorities the teller or officer who is working on that computer or the IT officer who has all the knowledge and authority about the workings of computer, obliviously the correct person is the IT officer who is the specialist and he or she can better communicate the problem to higher authorities.
  5. It should be specific and department wise rather than writing in 1 letter problems of all departments or individuals because in today’s world everything requires specialized knowledge and to expect that one individual is familiar with workings of all departments and can handle all problems would be mistake hence business communication should be done in such a way that right person or department is chosen for problems faced so that solutions for problems are offered quickly and effectively thereby improving the efficiency of the company.

As one can see from the above that business communication is not an easy task and it requires lot of attention and professionalism and therefore companies should be careful while selecting the candidates for doing business communication.

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