Difference between Fixed and Fluctuating Capital Accounts

Fixed and fluctuating capital accounts are the terms which are often used in the context of partnership. Partners can maintain the capital accounts in two ways one is fixed capital account and other is fluctuating capital accounts, let’s look at the difference between both of them –

Fixed Capital Account – Under this system, the capital which is introduced by partners will remain fixed throughout the life of the partnership. Hence under this method two type of accounts are made one is capital account and other is current account. Therefore all entries relating to drawings, interest on capital, profit and loss share of partner are made in a separate account for each partner, it is called current account of partners. However when partner brings additional capital or withdraws capital permanently, then capital account is credited or debited respectively.

Fluctuating Capital Account – Under this method capital account of partners will not remain fixed rather they will keep fluctuating from time to time. In this method all the entries related to drawings, interest on capital and share of profit and loss of partner are recorded in capital account, hence in this method there is no need for current account.

Fluctuating capital account method is usually preferred by partners; however they can also use fixed capital account according to their business and preference.

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