Difference between Durable and Non Durable Goods

Durable and non durable goods are the terms which are used in the context of economics. To understand both the term better one should know the differences between the two, given below are some of the differences between durable and nondurable goods –

  1. Durable goods are those which do not wear out easily and therefore they can be used for long period time while nondurable goods are those which wear out easily and therefore they can be used for short period of time only.
  2. Some of the examples of durable products are cars, books, television, freeze etc..; while some of the examples of nondurable goods include things like petrol, cosmetics items, soaps etc…
  3. Durable goods can be used many number of times while nondurable products can used for only limited number of times in some cases only once.
  4. Durable goods can be resold after some years while in case of nondurable products such opportunity does not exist.
  5. One can rent products like cars and freeze but one cannot give on rent products like soaps and petrol.

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