Buyer Decision Process Example

Buying a product which is of the high price is not done instantly rather there is a process through which the buyer makes a decision whether to buy a product or not and that process is called buyer decision process. The first stage of that process is the finding the problem after which the consumer search for information about the problem which leads to the evaluation of all available alternatives so that consumer can finally select or purchase the product and finally post purchase feedback is given by the consumer. In order to understand this process better, let’s look at buyer decision process example –

Mobile Purchase Example

When an individual is traveling and he or she needs to remain in touch with his or her relatives as well as with the office people then he or she will have a problem as there is no communication. Hence here the problem is of communication which requires solution by the consumer.

After the identification of problem, the next step is to search for information so that one can find the best solution for the problem and when the problem is of communication than the solution is having an android mobile phone so that one is not only connected with people through mobile but is also connected to the world through internet.

Once an individual has found out the solution the next step is to evaluate all available alternatives which are available in the market, so in the case of mobiles one can either go for high-value brands like Apple and Samsung or opt for brands which are value for money like Motorola, LG and so on. Within these brands, one has to choose whether he or she wants to have bigger battery life or good camera or bigger screen in the mobile and then select the alternative which is best suited for the individual.

After evaluation of alternatives, the next step is the most important step which is the purchase of a product which the customer has selected from available alternatives. Hence when the customer places the order for mobile through an online website or goes to an electronic shop that’s when completion of the fourth step of buyer decision-making process is said to be complete.

Once the customer has purchased the mobile he or she will use it and if he or she likes the mobile he will give positive feedback to his or her relatives and people known to him, also an individual will write positive reviews about the mobile on various online websites. However, if the customer does not like the product he or she will tell all about the bad experience with mobile resulting in negative feedback and publicity for the mobile.

Conclusion about Buyer Decision Process

As one can see from the above that buyer decision process is not simply buyer going into the shop and making a purchase rather it is a extensive process which involve many steps before the buyer actually makes the purchase of product.

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