Agro Based Industries Examples

Agriculture and industry both are miles apart from each other but there are certain industries which are dependent on agriculture and these types of industries are called agro-based industries. Agro based industries as the name suggests refers to those industries which use agriculture products as its raw materials as far as production of products is concerned, given below are some of the examples of agro-based industries –

  1. The textile industry is one of the examples because whether its cotton, silk, jute, woolen etc…, all have some element of agriculture in it and therefore textile can be called as an agro-based industry.
  2. Sugar is another example as it uses sugarcane for the production of sugar and since sugarcane is agriculture product sugar industry can be termed as an agro-based industry.
  3. Paper is also an example of the agro based industry as it uses wood for the production of the paper.
  4. Vegetable oil is another example of agro-based industry.
  5. Tea and coffee industries are also examples of an agro-based industry.

Above examples are not exhaustive and as one can see from the above that any industry which uses agriculture products as raw materials will come under the agro-based industry group.

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    what about milk and meat

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