10 Things You can Buy with 1 Bitcoin

Bitcoin has reached a historical high of $17000 that means if you have 1 bitcoin than you can sell it for $17000 which is an awesome return if you consider that at the start of the year 2017 it was trading at only $1000. It is quite volatile and chances are by the time I write this article and push the publish button it may be trading at either $16000 or $18000, bitcoin has its own advantages as well as disadvantages but today we will not be talking about that rather we will be focusing on things which one can buy with only 1 bitcoin –

15 iPhone 8 Plus Mobiles

If You thought that iPhone 8 plus was expensive and thinking of taking debt or loan for purchasing the iPhone than 1 bitcoin can enable you to take not 1 but 15 iPhone 8 plus mobiles.

1000 Xbox Titles

Xbox games on an average cost around $15 per game and if you are one of the game enthusiasts like me than 1 bitcoin is enough for you to purchase 1000 Xbox game titles which will keep you engaged for many years.

15 shares of Amazon or 2000 shares of Microsoft

The stock price of Amazon is close to $1100 and stock price of Microsoft is close to $84 in NASDAQ and if you are one of those who wants to invest in stock market and take benefit of investing than one can buy 15 shares of Amazon or 2000 shares of Microsoft from 1 Bitcoin.

Vacation trip

If you are one of those who loves to travel than 1 bitcoin can help you in going for a luxurious vacation for you as well as your spouse and thus help in creating a memorable experience for both of you.

4 Samsung Q Led TV

Samsung – 75″ Class (74.5″ Diag.) – LED – 2160p – Smart – 4K Ultra HD TV with High Dynamic Range which is priced at around $3500 and with 1 bitcoin you can buy not 1 but 4 television sets of this brand of TV.

14 Ounces of Gold

1 ounce of gold is trading at around $1200 and with 1 bitcoin you can buy 14 ounces of gold which you can use for making gold ornaments or keep it with you as an investment as gold is less volatile as compared to other asset classes.

Health Insurance Policy

The health-related to cost in the USA is exorbitant and that is why one should have a health insurance for the whole family. The average cost of family plans for health insurance is $7000 to $8000 in the USA and with 1 bitcoin you can buy peace of mind that is health insurance for 2 complete years.

3 Domino’s Pizza Every day for 1 Year

The cost of dominos pizza is around $15 and if one orders 3 pizza daily than one can eat close to 1000 pizza in 1 year with 1 bitcoin.

1 Chevrolet Spark Car

Chevrolet spark car which is available in the price range of $13000 to $16000 is another thing which you can buy with 1 bitcoin and give your family a pleasant surprise.

Trip to Disneyland

If you want to be a kid again and also wants to gift your kids a surprise then going to Disneyland is the best option and 1 bitcoin can easily fund your family trip to Disneyland.

As one can see from the above that people who have 1 bitcoins have plenty of options so as to spend that bitcoin and it is up to them whether they want to take their money from bitcoins or keep holding for even greater returns which in turn will enable to buy even more expensive things than the above list.

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